When the words ‘betting’ and ‘India’ appear in the same sentence, people tend to raise a brow. It is because we all know that betting is not legal in India. However, when it comes to online betting, there is no law that cites its legality, which makes online betting possible in India. 

And if you are searching for the best online betting platform, there can be none better than Parimatch India. 

We are not making any tall claims. Here are some of the prime reasons why we think Parimatch is the best online betting platform: 

  1. Wide Customer Base: Numbers Don’t Lie. One of the quick ways to check whether a betting platform is good or not is to check the customer count. With a whopping number of 14 million, Parimatch sure looks promising. Besides, no person will turn to a thing twice if the experience has not been rewarding. So, its customer count tells a lot!
  2. It is User Friendly. When you open the home screen of Parimatch, you will have no trouble navigating through its contents. You can access a variety of online betting categories. Parimatch believes in giving the best user experience. So, it has developed its website around Android and iOS users as well. This means you can have access to the best online betting platform from your phone. If you want, you can download the Parimatch Betting App.
  3. Accepts Multiple Payment Options. Isn’t it just a bummer when you want to bet some money, but there are payment restrictions? We Indians have various types of cards, and there are various other limitations that we face when we go for online betting. But Parimatch India understands this concern, and hence, it allows a pretty good variety of payment options. If you wish, you can pay with bitcoins as well. Cool, right?
  4. 24×7 Customer Support. Active customer support is a hallmark of a good betting platform. If you are a beginner with online betting, there would be many questions in your mind. To clear such confusion, Parimatch India has all-time customer support. Even if you get stuck at any stage, have a complaint or a problem, you can promptly contact the customer support of Parimatch India for a quick query or problem redressal. 

Great Betting Odds

Great Betting Odds

While betting online, the odds of winning is our only hope. With Parimatch, you have good odds of winning. This does not mean that no one loses; it is betting, you see! But the chances of winning your bet is quite good. 

Variety of Betting Choices

Parimatch India takes care of your choices and likings. Parimatch understands that a person who is interested in cricket might not be willing to take an active interest in Horse racing. This is why it gives you a variety of choices to bet on. You can bet your money on horse racing, international cricket, IPL, live betting, badminton, hockey, tennis, kabaddi, casino, etc. 

Parimatch offers a wide range of choices in every aspect. If you want the best experience in online betting, Parimatch has no rival. With its wide customer base, and A1 services, this online betting company rules. It is a class apart in its category.